Selling the American Dream of Home Ownership


Learn every step of setting up a powerful sales organization:

The ultimate guide to selling manufactured homes as either a community owner or retailer.

 There we’re MORE homes sold at Ken’s address than ANY other address ANYWHERE in the United States!

 Ken has worked with over 800 companies across the United States in building strong, successful sales organizations. His solid, resourceful information has helped companies double and even triple sales!

  • How to track and prospect with up to 10,000 customers
  • First impressions of your office and model homes
  • Homes to display and “not” to display
  • Don’t become another “Me-Too” company
  • Incredible sales promotions that work
  • Trust and community awareness
  • Comfort: Understanding your customer is scared
  • Best sales and closing techniques that produce results
  • Become a customer referral machine!
  • How to effectively conduct sales meetings
  • Eliminate mistakes on pricing


OVER 10 HOURS of powerful information you can USE NOW to


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