Management Consulting


Ken Corbin is a Certified Management Consultant and former advisor to The American Graduate School of International Management. He’s worked with entrepreneurs, start-ups, retailers & manufacturers throughout the United States, Canada & Europe.

Simply put, Ken’s focus is to help you accomplish goals, maximize efficiency, and deliver increased profits.  This is done by identifying and solving business, organizational, financial, and operational issues and defining and improving processes.

Ken will share with you the processes and programs successful companies are using to develop specific strategies to Grow Your Business.

Items Ken can cover includes:

  • Establishing & Updating Business Plans
  • Cash Management, SBA & Business Loans
  • Generating More Traffic Than You Can Handle
  • Managing The “4 P’s”
  • People
  • Profits
  • Promotion
  • Processes
  • CRM (Prospect Management Systems)
  • Analyzing Fixed & Variable Expenses
  • Using Proven Advertising & Marketing Strategies

Of course all inquiries are held in strict confidence.  You will not be disappointed.