Management Consulting


Ken Corbin has worked with over 900 communities, retailers & manufacturers.  In advance, he’ll have a lengthy discussion with you to understand exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

Ken will personally review with you the various programs he has available, costs and participation. With today’s technology, management consulting does not have to be costly;  although not every company fits in his area of expertise.

He’ll give you his honest assessment of what he’s comfortable in doing with you.  You’ll utilize Ken’s “Mastermind and Best Practices” as he’ll share with you the processes and programs successful companies are using across the United States to develop specific strategies to Grow Your Business.  

Just some of the items Ken will cover includes:

  • Generating More Traffic Than You Can Handles
  • Inventory Management & Pricing Strategies
  • Employee Analysis
  • Customize CRM (Prospect Management Systems)
  • Increasing Sales & Profit Margins
  • Analyzing Fixed & Variable Expenses
  • Using Proven Advertising & Marketing Strategies
  • Establishing & Updating Business Plans
  • Cash Management, SBA & Business Loans
  • Employee Practices & Systems
  • Specific Processes That Work!

Of course all inquiries are held in strict confidence.  You will not be disappointed.