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“Ken Corbin truly impressed the 25th Anniversary Networking Roundtable.  He’s since received invites to Summit in the South and the Louisville Show.”

George Allen, President
GFA Management

“The feedback on your session was excellent. The board members felt it was the best we’ve ever had.”

Nancy Geer, Executive Director
New York Housing Association

“You couldn’t ask for a better recommendation that have an audience say, “He was worth it” and “I could have spent the rest of the day listening to him.”  We want you back!

Pat Wiechman, Executive Director
KADRA of Kansas

“Ken Corbin was a tremendous success.  As we grow our business, he will always be our headline speaker!”

Tim Joyce, Vice President
Floor Coverings International

“To anyone who plans on a speaker during your convention – our advice:  Have KEN CORBIN open the session and you’ll find yourselves quoting him and expanding on his ideas for the rest of the meetings.”

Elaine Ferrara, Convention Coordinator
I Natural Cosmetics

“WOW.  That was incredible!  We need you at our Chicago conference.  Thanks so much for all the valuable information!”

Margo Naples, Commercial Realtor
Foresite Realty

“Ken, I’m not usually a wordy fellow, but not this time.  Your “Growing Your Business” program was not just very well done, but in a word, TERRIFIC!

Wayne Miniger, Vice President
NOA Association

“Incredible!  I’m going to recommend Ken speak at our North Carolina state convention.  Your information is on-target.  Thanks again.”

Robert Whitley IV, President
RWW Enterprises

“Terrific.  We’re looking forward to having you speak at our national show in January!”

Ken Rishel, President
The Rishel Group

The long-held axiom of “Always leave them wanting more” was obvious.  Ken, as promised, you delivered not only the “SIZZLE” but a the “STEAK”.  Everyone left with a new drive and desire to succeed.

Jack Slater, Director

“Absolutely GREAT Presentation!”

Sam Landy, President

I extend a gracious thank you for a SMASHING presentation at our annual convention.  You gave our meeting just the right touch!  Many thanks again Ken!”

Joyce Burdette, Executive Director

“You make me look good as a meeting planner!  It was three hours packed full of ideas, brilliance and business concepts!  

Leff Moore, Executive Director
MHA of West Virginia

“I’m ready to wave the Ken Corbin flag. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

James R. Shaver, Executive Director
OKMI Association

“It was a pleasure to work with you again.  The evaluations say you were tremendous.  Thank you for adding to our success.”

Kim Kianka, Education Coordinator
Ntl Assn of Medical Equipment Suppliers

“TERRIFIC.  We look forward to having you speak at our 2018 Five State Convention.”

Jerry Vogeler, Executive Director
5 State Conference

“Ken, your sessions are just great.  This is my second time.”

Tifanee McCall, Account Executive
RWC Warranty Corp

“This was SO informative.  Thanks again Ken!”

Lydia Kennedy, Finance Director
Hacienda Development Corp

“EXCELLENT and 10+.  This was the BEST program I’ve EVER attended.  Thank you Ken Corbin!”

Tammey Thomas, President
Cato Companies

“Wow.  They’re already asking about you coming back again next year!  You really did a wonderful job”

Frank Bowman, Executive Director
Illinois MHA

“Your excellent keynote presentation set the tone.  You were a big success and everyone enjoyed your tips for understanding clients and improving service in today’s business world.

John Erickson, President
Consumer Credit Counseling

“Great!  Thank you for all of your wonderful information.  This Was SO informative and I look forward to attending your presentation next year!”

Maryuri Barberau, Comptroller

“Your program was extremely well received with highly positive comments and enthusiastic reaction.  Thanks for making our convention a resounding success.

Rainer Moser, President
Pfaff North American Sales

Absolutely brilliant …. Wow!  This is the second time I’ve attended one of Ken’s programs and they’re wonderful.”

Marcia Matten, President
MC Living, LTD

“What a GREAT presentation.  Thanks for all the information and I look forward to reading your newest book.”

Gary Kenner, President
Kenner Investment Group

“Ken Corbin is the absolute best there is.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with him for years.”

Jim Reitzner, President
Asset Management Group

“Ken, your program was incredible.  I could have easily listened for another 2 hours!”

James Dougherty, President
Community Mgt Group

“You set the tone for our best-ever convention in Orlando.  Thank you for the wonderful presentation.”

Tom Buckley, President
Dr. Vinyl

“Ken, came prepared and our meeting objectives were attained. 100% of the participants rated it excellent.  Thanks for making our Ocho Rios meeting a tremendous success!”

Jim O’Brien, Director of Marketing
Builder Way

Ken Corbin

Professional Speaker Of The Year

Nobody wants to sit through a dull, mundane presentation with the same old information that's been re-hashed over and over again. You want a program that's fresh, memorable, and on target.

Ken's high-energy, interactive presentations are packed with solid, resourceful information that works!

Your guests have a huge investment in attending your program; not only in money but time away from their family and their business. 

He’s worked with over 1,500 Fortune 500 companies, franchises, real estate developers, and entrepreneurs throughout the United States, Canada & Europe.

Let's talk about the right program for your group that's affordable and delivers!

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